Hamish Mcintosh


Hamish McIntosh has been investing in property for more than 15 years.

Growing up on the border of country NSW and Victoria, Hamish wasn’t born into wealth; he’s worked hard for it. And since buying his first property at just 22 years of age, Hamish has grown his own profitable portfolio and transacted multiple properties of his own…while sourcing countless investments for clients along the way. 

That’s why Hamish is such a strong advocate for how property can enhance wealth and create long term financial security. His rich and successful experience now means he’s in the enviable position of not only attaining financial security for himself, but also able to share his passion for property with others, helping investors boost their own wealth.

His in depth knowledge and hands on experience across all sectors of property gives him a detailed understanding of the market, while along the way he’s formed strong industry connections. By tapping into this network and knowledge, clients are able to gain optimal results in the most efficient manner. Hamish is also a fully licensed estate agent in both Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Of course there’s always more to the story, and much of Hamish’s success stemmed from his early learnings on the value of wealth when he began his career as an AFL footballer at the age of 18. Hamish realised very early on that life isn’t over after a professional athlete’s career comes to an end, and his goal was to make the most of his earnings and set himself up for life. So, over a football career spanning 13 years, Hamish began actively investing in property and gaining invaluable experience managing his finances. 

Nowadays, alongside investing and helping other investors, Hamish also actively mentors young professional athletes within sporting clubs like the Melbourne Rebels. His passion is to make sure that these young athletes also start planning for life after footy, giving them the opportunity to establish their own sound monetary habits and laying the groundwork for long term financial security.

Hamish definitely practises what he preaches, and his vision for One Haven is to assist and inspire others who have the motivation to generate passive income, coaching them towards wealth and financial stability, and bolstering their lives into retirement.