How to deal with stress and anxiety as a property investor

Investing in property is an effective vehicle for accumulating wealth, independence and security over time. However, many investors going it alone discover that doubt, stress and anxiety can come between them and their long term goals, negatively impacting their potential for success. In other words, when you focus on something other than cold hard data and facts, emotion can get the better of even the best investors!

That’s why, when you first start investing in real estate, it’s common to experience worry or uncertainty. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for those moments of doubt. 

Inspire yourself to achieve your objectives 

When you’ve established the long term goals you’re working towards (ideally working with a financial planner), it’s time to start motivating yourself to achieve those plans. Depending on your personality type, there are any number of ways you can do this:

  • Perhaps the most obvious method is to create a to do list or a spreadsheet, and tick your accomplishments off as you go (Author’s note: Clearly this is my preferred strategy as I’ve neatly created a dot point list of strategies first up)
  • Next, if you’re more of a wordsmith (also like me), then you’ll love the idea of a journal that details everything you need to do to accomplish your objectives and, possibly even more importantly, everything you’ve already achieved!
  • If you’re interested in property then there’s a strong chance that you’re an analytical information junkie, so make sure you look at investment related news, podcasts and articles (likely we don’t need to tell you this one as you’re reading a blog post)
  • If you’re more of a visual person you could create a visual aid like a mood board, to remind yourself of what you’re ultimately aiming for! 
  • Finally, another tip is to read books, or watch inspirational movies or documentaries, that involve others achieving their dreams and accomplishments

No matter which method resonates with you, each of them will improve your commitment to building your success.

Ignore anyone trying to bring you down 

As you become more successful you’ll likely encounter people who will attempt to bring you down or prevent you from achieving your goals. They may attribute your hard won successes to luck, or make nasty or underhanded comments about your aspirations and dreams. 

People who are insecure about their own goals are often the loudest in their attempts to damage the dreams of others, either actively or inadvertently. Try to stay away from them entirely if you can. If they can’t be avoided, put the reasons behind any negative messages you hear from them into a wider context by examining their motivations for bringing you down. Regardless, you need to focus on achieving your objectives without negative noise adding to what’s happening in the property or financial markets, or your own life. 

Ignore the negative voice in your own head 

Ignoring the naysayers in your life is one thing, but you also need to eliminate terms like “I can’t” from your own vocabulary! Engaging in negative self-talk is a proven way to self-sabotage, but you can counteract this by refocusing on your overarching objectives. 

Proactive problem solving needs to become a way of life, and positive phrases like “I know I can” and “I will find a way” should be used when you encounter obstacles (and you will come across hurdles as a part of your journey). You should pursue your goals by establishing total personal drive – after all, if you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, then it will be all too easy to succumb to negativity from others.

Spend time with people who are on the same journey 

Friends, family, advisors and colleagues who have positive and helpful views on your situation will help you meet your objectives. Additionally, surrounding yourself with investors who are on the same journey will help you stay on track and move steadily towards your goals.  

What else can you do? 

Ask for help! The team at One Haven are here to coach you throughout your property investment journey. A key part of our philosophy is helping investors to establish those strong behaviours that will allow them to overcome the natural fears and anxieties that arise when unexpected developments occur. Click here to learn more about Hamish McIntosh, Head of Property with One Haven, and find out why he is particularly passionate about mentoring and coaching others towards success.

We’re here to help, so contact us to discuss your options today.