One Haven are Australian investment property specialists. Whether you’re seeking capital growth, yield or other niche opportunities, we'll help you to successfully navigate your way through strategic, market, contract and financial complexities. We provide you with strategic advice to help you find the right opportunities and assist you with building your portfolio and growing your personal wealth.


Interested in learning more about how much you can borrow...or how much you should borrow? At One Haven we crunch the numbers first, then help you plan for that next investment. Obtaining this kind of complete analysis before you buy not only prevents you from making costly mistakes, it also has the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars while giving you peace of mind. Doing things the One Haven way means knowing you've made a good investment!


Need help finding the ideal property?

The team at One Haven can help you find your dream home, investment property or other unique opportunity.

A good Buyers Agent can save you thousands of dollars; One Haven's purchasing tactics and customer care also removes the emotion and stress of purchasing a property as well!


Why wouldn't you get the right advice up front when it comes to selling your property?

After all, you've been to all the trouble and expense of purchasing the property in the first place, so it's even more important to capitalise when it comes time to sell!

A good Vendors Agent makes sure that you gain the best price for your property; One Haven will also eradicate the stress and hassle of navigating the real estate industry at the same time.


Together the team at One Haven will help you find the right property, interpret and compare everything from location to floor plans, thoroughly research builder history and quality, and generally guide you through the entire purchase process from initial search through to final inspection...and maybe even on to your next property! Above all, we make sure that your investment is painstakingly researched (so you don't need to) and meets the exacting standards we set at One Haven.


The team at One Haven have access to a multitude of off market opportunities that aren't available to the general public. And purchasing property before it's even advertised means that you not only secure a great property without the hassle and competition, it can also save you a lot of time, money and heartache.

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