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One Haven are Australian investment property specialists. Whether you’re seeking capital growth, yield or other niche opportunities, we’ll help you to successfully navigate your way through strategic, market, contract and financial complexities.

We provide you with the right advice, help you find the right opportunities and assist you with building your portfolio and growing personal wealth. Whether you’re a first time investor or a seasoned professional, implementing a well researched strategy is crucial to maximising returns and minimising risk.


What We do

Provide the right advice

We're passionate about property, personable, professional and patient, crunching the numbers to provide you with a complete analysis, preventing costly mistakes and ensuring peace of mind

Secure the right property

We source high performing properties across Australlia, new or established, then interpret and compare everything from location to floor plan, so you secure a great opportunity while saving time and money

Plan your next steps

We know the market, and our extensive contacts within the property and financial services industries means we’re perfectly placed to help you safely build a portfolio to grow your long term wealth

Why Do You Need a Property Strategy?

A property investment strategy is a plan of action that outlines exactly how you will acquire, manage and profit from your long term investment in Australian real estate. Together, we identify and document your unique investment goals, assess the property market, analysing the financial viability of potential investments and develop a plan tailored to your unique circumstances. Then we manage and grow a healthy property portfolio over time, for the long term.

Achieve investment goals

A property investment strategy helps investors identify and prioritise their investment goals, such as generating rental income, achieving capital growth or building a diversified property portfolio to create long term wealth.

Reduce risk 

Having a clear investment strategy helps investors mitigate risk by identifying potential pitfalls and developing a plan to successfully avoid or manage any issues.

Increase returns

A well planned and executed ongoing property investment strategy helps investors identify and capitalise on investment opportunities, allowing them to continue to grow their portfolio even further.

How We Do it

From start to finish, we aim to be informative and educational. Depending on where you are in your investment journey, we step you through a targeted series of catch ups, designed to flexibly and logically discuss your personal goals and objectives, then explore and expand your options in property.

About the sector

Property pros and cons
The big picture - updating you on current market conditions and answering any questions you may have about property as an investment sector in general

About the investor

Property, planning and empowerment
It's all about you - digging into and documenting your unique motivations, goals, appetite for risk and individual preferences

About the property

Your property preferences
After an intensive research phase behind the scenes, we present you with a shortlist of properties that fit your goals, preferences and financial position

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions our One Haven team are regularly asked by investors of all levels. Remember, if you have any other queries, just contact Hamish and the team! 

It depends on what you’re looking for – capital growth, cash flow, a combination of both, or something else entirely. Finding the right property in the right location takes comprehensive research, and property performance is driven by many key drivers, including population growth, planned infrastructure, employment, education, migration, liveability, underlying supply and demand, vacancy rates, location…and many more variables. Seeking assistance from One Haven speeds up this daunting part of the process.

Opportunities are there for the taking in any market, you just need to know where to look, but you need to have a thorough understanding of key comparison factors like interest rates, location of the investment, the type of property sought and of course the relevant underlying investment data. This is why we work closely with you to establish your long term property investment goals.

The most effective way is to purchase property in areas backed by strong growth indicators such as population, infrastructure, employment and other key drivers. Over time, these factors generally contribute to increased property values and therefore equity. The team at One Haven provide valuable insights into local market trends, potential investment opportunities and other strategies to maximise equity growth.

Yes, you can…but it’s important to gather the right information when it comes to investing via your superannuation fund. We recommend obtaining advice from a financial planner and accountant, who are knowledgeable in this space and licensed to provide you with specific advice (preferably one who is also experienced when it comes to investing in property). You need to understand the pros and cons of an SMSF before you start the process of investing In property via super.

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